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What is a BASIX Certificate?

What is BASIX?

BASIX® or the Building Sustainability Index, is a NSW Government design standard that was established in 2004. This mandatory planning tool assesses the water and energy efficiency of new residential homes, granny flats and home extensions. It ensures that these designed and constructed so as to require less energy and water to heat and cool a home. These standards ensure increased efficiency in a home and better sustainable living.

When Is a BASIX Certificate Needed?

A BASIX certificate is required for the Development Approval of the following types of new projects:

  • Residences (Homes)
  • Villa or Townhouse
  • Dual Occupancy developments
  • Flats or Apartments
  • Granny Flats (in the majority of cases)
  • Home extensions with a project value over $50,000
  • Swimming Pools including Spas that exceed 40,000 litres
  • Conversion of a non-residential building into a residence (including apartments).

However a BASIX Certificate is not required for:

  • Industrial or Commercial Buildings
  • Minor residential building works meeting the exempt development criteria. For more information see the NSW Planning Portal.

Contact your local council or private certifier for advice on if your proposed development will require BASIX Certification.

What Does a BASIX Certificate Look Like?

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How Do I Get a BASIX Certificate?

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Receiving a BASIX Certificate means that your new development has met (or exceeded) the standards set by the NSW Government for a Sustainable, Energy Efficient Home.

For more information please see our comprehensive BASIX Certificates guide.